The Imaginative Landscape


I hope you will find the resources easy to navigate. All the uploaded material can also be found on the school's Moodle page.

The resources are intended to assist your study of our chosen context - The Imaginative Landscape.

It is an unusual concept to grasp... but I encourage you to explore what others say about the imaginative landscape and form your own opinions.

Enjoy reading MacLeod's collection of stories, 'Island'. They are incredibly rich and offer a wonderful lens through which we can explore our chosen context.

Week 1, Term 2:
  • Cornwall photo album
  • Portofolio Task due Tuesday
  • In pairs, complete the following activity sheet for 'Island'

  • Find three related texts that explore 'the imaginative landscape'. For example, Oodgeroo's poem, 'We are going', the film, 'Kanyini' and an article focussing on the issue of 'refugees'.